closet worldAre the clothes in your closet crammed in so tightly, you don’t know what you have? Before you tackle closet organization, go through your entire wardrobe with a judicious eye. What should you keep, to de-clutter your closet and by extension your life? The experts at Closet World offer beautiful, organizational solutions for every space in your home, and they know that purging is always a key element in freeing up your living space.
To begin taming your wardrobe, remove every item that’s hanging in your closet. Experts say that women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time, so you’re bound to have items you’ll get rid of.
Ask yourself the following two questions about each item: (1) Have I worn this in the last six months? (2) Does this fit? If the answer to either question is “no,” put the garment in a donation bag.
The odds are you’ll find it difficult to let go of some articles of clothing, even if you haven’t worn them for a year or longer. Possible reasons you’re having trouble letting go include:
• Guilt because you bought it and never wore it (it most likely still has the sales tags)
• You keep telling yourself you’ll lose that last twenty pounds and get back into your skinny wardrobe
• You’re keeping the garment for purely sentimental reasons
Another criterion for what to keep and what to give away is duplication. If you have more than one bathrobe, keep your favorite or keep only one for each season. If you have extra coats or sweaters, think how good you’ll feel donating them for the less fortunate. Do you have shirts or pants that you frequently wear, but they’re tattered because they’re favorites and you’ve been wearing them for years?
Let go of every unneeded garment you can bear to part with and every worn garment you should part with.
When you hang the remaining clothes in your closet, put all similar items together, such as dress shirts with dress shirts. Place the most frequently worn types of garments in the handiest part of the closet. You’re really going to appreciate having an uncrowded closet with clothes you actually enjoy wearing.
Last of all, don’t put off delivering the clothes you’ve bagged up for donation. Many organizations that accept clothing donations offer tax receipts so you can write off your contribution.
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